by Saltair

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Recorded in a shed.


released December 16, 2017

David McIntyre - Guitar/Vocals
Conor Hedigan - Bass
Morgan Swanson - Guitar
Zach Brown - Drams

Artwork by Curt Teich



all rights reserved



Downright Records San Luis Obispo, California

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Track Name: My Choice
Giving up on aspirations I had before way back when
Accepted being lonely because I don’t wanna make new friends

I’m crashing freight trains with my mind
To keep my friends and family safe I know I’ll need to
Hide sometimes even if it’s in my home
I’m spending half my life outside my comfort zone
When I am lonely I can be alone
And that’s my choice

Falling through on plans we made
‘cuz right now I don’t feel quite right
Please could we reschedule so that
I can bail again some other time

I’m sinking cruise ships with my thoughts
Ask me where I get it but this power can’t be
Bought online or ordered on the phone
This is the kind of curse you’re born with flowing through your bones
And right now I am lonely I don’t want to be alone
But that’s not my choice
Track Name: Too Far Gone
I’m gone now
Don’t you wish you took the chance to say
Just how you really feel
Okay I’m gone now
Can’t you see I’m not your special one
I only want to have some fun

For now
Try figure that shit out
When things go south
I’m gonna bail out

It’s really such a shame that you
Waited so long
To tell me this ‘cuz you are
Too late I’m too far gone

I’m gone now
How I wish I took the chance to tell
Just how I really felt
Oh well I’m gone now

Try to bury
All that sappy stuff
But I still wish you’d fall in love
With me
So bad that I can’t breathe
When I’m asleep
You haunt all my dreams
Track Name: Pavilion I
You must have thought that I was joking
When I turned to you and asked
“Are you as sick as I of floating?”
‘Cuz you just turned away and laughed

Well it feels like this great salt lake
Has become a great salt puddle
I’m no longer afraid
To try and stir up some trouble
So watch out!

You might have thought that I was fooling
When I told you then and there
That every second here is grueling
Because you didn’t seem to fuckin’ care

Well I know that I’d love to sail away
But you’re stuck so I guess I’ll stay
Yeah I’d love to sail away
But you’re stuck so I’m stuck the same

My own personal hell
Pavilion one! Pavilion one!

Now you might say that I’m a liar
When I swear I’ll burn it down
But if you stare into the fire
You will find
I’m quite serious this

Time keeps passing us by
Clear waters and blue skies

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